2020 JULAC Libraries Forum – Tentative Program

2020 JULAC Libraries Forum
Open Access – the Crossroads
Date: 15th January 2020
Venue: Citi Lecture Theater (LT-A), The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Tentative Program (subject to further changes)
08:30 – 09:00 Registration
09:00 – 09:10 Opening Remarks
Prof Wei SHYY
HUCOM Chair 2019/20 and President of The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
09:10 – 09:20 Overview of JULAC Activities
09:20 – 09:50 Ms. Ivy ANDERSON
Associate Executive Director & Director of Collections, California Digital Library, USA
Keynote Address 1 –
Transformative Agreements as an Open Access Accelerator

The slow progress toward open access to date is largely due to the competing incentives that motivate authors, libraries, funders, and publishers.  Transformative agreements offer an opportunity to re-align these incentives in important ways that can accelerate the progress toward open access worldwide.   Key to advancing these goals are developing strong internal and external coalitions and exploring new economic models that place the interests of each stakeholder in the service of open access. 

Ivy Anderson is Associate Executive Director and Director of Collections at the California Digital Library, where she oversees a broad range of shared collections activities on behalf of the ten-campus University of California system, including primary responsibility for systemwide publisher negotiations.  Ivy is the CDL lead for UC’s efforts to transition major journal licenses to open access and serves as co-chair of UC’s systemwide Publisher Negotiations Task Force.  She currently chairs the Governing Council of SCOAP3, a global open access initiative in high energy physics, and is also on the steering group of the Plan S “Pricing Publisher Services” project.  Ivy was co-Principal Investigator on the Pay It Forward project, which examined the viability of a large-scale transition to open access for major North American research institutions, and has served on numerous publishing advisory boards, including the advisory board for PubMed Central.  Before coming to the CDL in December 2005, Ivy was Licensing Program Manager at the Harvard University Library, where she developed and managed a shared licensing program on behalf of Harvard’s many libraries;  prior to that, she served as Head of Information Systems at the Brandeis University Libraries.   Ivy holds a B.A in music from New York University and a Master of Library Science from Simmons College. Before acquiring her library degree, Ivy pursued doctoral studies in music history and theory at Brandeis University.

09:50 – 10:20 Ms. Colleen CAMPBELL
Open Access 2020 Initiative, Max Planck Digital Library, Munich, Germany
Keynote Address 2 –
Turning to face the future: transformative agreements accelerating the transition to open access

In the current scholarly communication chain, there are diverse tensions at play. Born-digital students and scholars expect immediate access to everything, while journal platforms suffer “leakage” through pirate sites and academic social networks; research funding organizations mandate open access dissemination of the results of the projects they fund, while scholars and scientists want to publish in high-prestige (paywalled) journals that represent their disciplinary communities. Subscription journal prices are increasing while library budgets are decreasing. In the face of all this tension, solutions can only be found by looking forward to the inevitable open access future, and taking up new strategies to propel us there. Research organizations and their libraries have the opportunity to be a leading and driving force in the open access transition, and they hold the leverage to succeed.

Colleen Campbell coordinates the Open Access 2020 Initiative, a global effort hosted by the Max Planck Digital Library, comprising national research councils, university rectors’ conferences, national libraries and procurement consortia across five continents. The mission of OA2020 is to transition today’s scholarly journals to new open access publishing models to ensure that the latest research is open and re-usable and that the costs associated with their dissemination are transparent and economically sustainable.

Previously, Director for Institutional Participation and Strategic Partnerships in Europe for JSTOR and Portico, she has over 20 years’ experience working in various roles within the scholarly communications sector.

10:20 – 10:25 Group Photo
10:25 – 10:45 Morning Tea
JULAC Libraries Presentations Session One
Open Access
10:45 – 11:00 Mr. Chris CHAN
Senior Assistant Librarian, Information Services Section, Hong Kong Baptist University Library

Ms. Pauline LAM
Assistant Librarian, Digital and Multimedia Services Section, Hong Kong Baptist University Library

OA @ HKBU: Where we are and where we want to go

In December 2016, the Senate of HKBU approved an open access (OA) policy for scholarly articles authored by faculty members of the University. The Library was the driving force behind this effort, and the adoption of the policy was a time of great optimism. However, three years on it is clear that this policy has not achieved its intended goals. This presentation will offer a candid appraisal of HKBU Library’s experience with our institutional OA policy, including an assessment of the barriers that have prevented it from achieving success. It will also present a summary of the Library’s revised strategy to move OA forward at HKBU.

11:00 – 11:30 Keynote Address 3
(to be confirmed)
11:30 – 12:30 Panel Discussion
Ms. Ivy ANDERSON, Associate Executive Director & Director of Collections, California Digital Library, USA 
Ms. Colleen CAMPBELL, Open Access 2020 Initiative, Max Planck Digital Library, Munich, Germany
Mr. Chris BENNETT, Global Sales Director (Academic Publishing), Cambridge University Press, UK
Representative(s) from JULAC Consortiall, HK
12:30 – 14:00 Lunch & Library Tour
JULAC Libraries Presentations Session Two
Emerging Technologies and Digital Services
Learning Spaces and Collections
14:00 – 14:45 Mr. Kevin HAU
Head of System Services, The Education University of Hong Kong Library

Ms. Belinda KWOK
Head of Access Services, The Education University of Hong Kong Library

Challenging technologies and digital services

Emerging and new technology developments at EdUHK Library have always turned into challenges, due to both service, support and technical issues. EdUHK Library has recently developed Self Pick-up Stations for users to pick up held or requested items 24 hours a day, and two mobile apps for users to get on library services and physically locate library resources, and themselves, using their mobile phones. We are also exploring Future Classroom technologies required for traditional and new approaches of learning and teaching. We will describe our attempt to overcome difficulties and challenges arising from these new projects.

Mr. K.T. LAM
Associate Director of Library Services and Head of Systems and Digital Services, The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology Library
Bibliographic linked data – challenges and opportunities for librarians

Librarians have been working with various bibliographic metadata in traditional formats, such as MARC, Dublin Core, EAD, etc. These schemas do not offer an effective structure that facilitates understanding of the data semantically by machines. Linked data technology, which is relatively popular outside of the library world for Semantic Web, is knocking on our doors. This presentation will explore the emerging adoption of bibliographic linked data in libraries and discuss its challenges and opportunities for JULAC librarians.

Dr. KU Kam Ming
Associate Librarian, Digital Development and Technology Support Services, The University of Hong Kong Libraries
Falling of Library Wall: Shared Open Access Repository Services

A multi-tenant shared open access repository services is proposed in order to achieve deeper collaborations and economies of scale. A pilot repository will initially include digital images and videos from JULAC libraries. It would eventually become the core and essential component of JULAC infrastructure.

14:45 – 15:30 Ms. KO Yu Lily
Learning Services Manager, The Chinese University of Hong Kong Library
MakerSpace@CUHK Library : A Place for Creative Learning

The CUHK Library is committed to supporting the University-wide theme Innovation & Design. The Learning Garden, which provides collaborative workspaces, has been updated and expanded with a new MakerSpace for creative learning for ALL. This MakerSpace is open to all members of the CUHK community and aims at promoting cross-disciplinary collaboration among students to acquire the digital and maker literacy as life-long skills. This presentation will share the opportunities and challenges facing by the Library in promoting the digital and maker literacy to students during the implementation of the MakerSpace project.

Mr. Michael CHENG
Associate Librarian, Engagement and Lending Services, The University of Hong Kong Libraries
Ingenium: New Interdisciplinary Learning Space for Innovation, Imagination, Invention and more…

Ingenium was launched in February 2019 on the 2nd Floor of the HKU Main Library. In addition to cutting-edge facilities and innovative services, community building is essential in the sustainable development of a successful learning space. The presentation will cover how HKU Libraries build the communities by collaborating with partners (Faculties, Common Core, CETL, TeLi, CAES and more) and co-organizing a number of events and teaching & learning activities which included student learning festival, research symposium and classes/tutorials of regular courses of the University programmes. Moreover, the presentation will also share the opportunities brought about by this project through engagement with stakeholders, new technology adoption and organizational transformation.

Mr. Leo WONG
Assistant Librarian II, Media Services, Pao Yue-kong Library, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Mr. Teddy LEE
Information Technology Officer, Systems & Digital Services, Pao Yue-kong Library, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

MakerMindset@i-Space in PolyU Library – A pathway to Self-directed Learning

The PolyU Library opened a novel i-Space in September 2017. By means of i-Space equipment and facilities, the Library has launched a MakerMindset@i-Space programme to facilitate students’ self-directed learning of emerging technologies. The Programme goal is to cultivate a creative, curious, and can-do mindset that will help our students acquire any skill, overcome any challenge and adopt any technology in the future. As the library is a go-to space gathered most students, it is an ideal learning space for students of all disciplines and family background to try out and explore emerging technologies!

15:30 – 15:50 Afternoon Tea
JULAC Libraries Presentations Session Three
Learning Strategies
Research Support and Data Management
15:50 – 16:35 Dr. Johnny YUEN
Project Executive, Pao Yue-kong Library, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Mr. Wayne LAM
Senior Assistant Librarian, Systems & Digital Services, Pao Yue-kong Library, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Ms. Jenny LAM
Assistant Librarian II, Research Support, Pao Yue-kong Library, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Embedding fit-for-purpose and quality open educational resources into courses to facilitate teaching and learning

Present-day learning carries myriad facets: open, collaborative, expansive, pervasive, and so on. Course-assigned materials no longer are the only source of intellectual nutrients that nourish student development. Many high-quality educational materials are available online to enhance teaching and learning activities and outcomes. However, they are scattered, not narrated to inspire innovative usages, nor the successful usage experience was registered to scaffold next generation learners.
The PolyU Open Educational Resources Portal and the Course Resource List are the PolyU Library’s new services to bridge quality learning

Ms. Victoria F. CAPLAN
Head of Information Instruction & Collection Services, The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology Library
We’re All in It Together! Collaboration is Key to Enhancing PG Students’ Information Literacy

Helping post-graduate students develop their information literacy skills is a growing area in many institutions, including HKUST. This presentation hopes to inform and inspire other librarians by sharing lessons learned and some tips from our experience. It will describe how HKUST Library staff across units work across the institution with individual faculty members, Schools, and non-academic units to meet PG students’ need for information literacy instruction and learning, and to support PGs’ research, and their development as scholars and professionals.

Dr. Teresa TO
Head, Instruction and Reference Services, Run Run Shaw Library, City University of Hong Kong

Ms. Celia CHOW
Assistant Librarian II, Instruction and Reference Services, Run Run Shaw Library, City University of Hong Kong

Exploring the effectiveness of an information literacy programme for research students

A library information literacy programme, providing four online modules with one face-to-face workshop, was launched to research students of various disciplines in the first semester of 2019/20. The programme, developed by a team of instruction librarians, was successfully integrated into ten research-level courses.

A study has been carried out to evaluate the effectiveness of the programme and to find room for improvement. Pre- and post-module surveys plus individual interviews were used.

16:35 – 17:20 Mr. LEE Chi Hang Ryun
Head of Digital Initiatives, The Chinese University of Hong Kong Library
From Silo Database to Open Digital Scholarship Infrastructure : Design and Development of the New Hong Kong Literature Database

In the past two decades, Hong Kong literature database is one of databases with high usage rate in CUHK Library. Currently over 600,000 records are indexed which is one of important research sources for Hong Kong literature. In early 2019, the project team has been formed to design new digital platform to empower discovery and digital scholarship. This presentation will highlight the key elements required to build a new data architecture, which will not only support new discovery capability but also open and integrate collections into emerging and evolving data model that support digital scholarship. Furthermore, we will outline potential digital scholarship applications through this platform and suggest future directions for knowledge bases applied to Hong Kong studies.

Ms. CHEUNG Sze-lui, Sheila
Scholarly Communication Librarian, Lingnan University Library
Reassemble the fragmented data for research with Lingnan Scholars

Research information at Lingnan University used to be scattered in multiple systems or sources, administered by different departments. Members at all levels were frustrated with repeated data entries and fragmented sources making it impossible to derive data-informed decision on research development. Lingnan University launched its first Research Information Management System – Lingnan Scholars, to capture and reassemble all research-related information, including research outputs, grants, awards, and the impacts of these activities. The presentation will share the data stewardship role taken up by Library during and after the implementation.

Ms. Rebekah WONG
Senior Assistant Librarian, Digital and Multimedia Services Section, Hong Kong Baptist University Library
When Data Matters: Research Data Services at a Liberal Arts University

Using data analytics to support research is one of the Hong Kong Baptist University’s strategic areas that the university’s senior management is advocating. This presentation will discuss how its university library responded to the call with the university’s liberal arts background as context and using the existing library structure and resources. The presenter will talk about the result of a faculty survey, introduce what actions have been taken, and share future vision in this service area.

17:20 – 17:30 Concluding Remarks


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