JULAC Libraries Forum 2015 – Programme

Collaborative Change: Better Together

Friday, 24 April 2015
Tin Ka Ping Lecture Theatre (D1-LP-02)
The Hong Kong Institute of Education

08:30 – 09:00 Registration
09:00 – 09:10 Opening Remarks
Prof. Dennis CHENG, Associate Vice-President (Programme Development),The Hong Kong Institute of Education
09:10 – 9:25 Overview of JULAC Activities
Mr. Peter SIDORKO, JULAC Chair 2014/15 and University Librarian, The University of Hong Kong

09:25 –10:15 Keynote Address
Hong Kong’s Higher Education Landscape: Some Thoughts on the Future
Dr. Richard ARMOUR, Secretary General, University Grants Committee

10:15 – 10:20 Group Photo
10:20 – 10:40 Morning Tea
10:40– 11:50 Presentation Session (1) : Emerging Technologies and Data Management.
Moderator : Ms. Rachel CHENG, University Librarian, Lingnan University.

Transforming Millennium’s My Library Account into a personalized Library portal – MyLibrary Privileges and MyLibGuides (LI Yiu-on, Head, Systems; Loletta CHAN, Head, Circulation & Interlibrary Loan; Chris CHAN, Head, Information Services and Chloe LEI, Assistant Librarian, Information Services, HKBU)

  • Personalizing the user experience is a key trend in enhancing patron interactions with their library. HKBU has leveraged Millennium’s standard My Library Account for this purpose through two add-ons – MyLibrary Privileges and MyLibGuides. Based on their patron information, users are presented with easy access to their complete set of patron privileges as well as customized links to databases and subject guides for their disciplinary area. This serves to both increase convenience and direct users to those Library resources and services that are relevant to them. Both the technical implementation and the public services aspect of the project will be covered.

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Redesigning Library Homepage and Discovery Tool – Experience Sharing from PolyU Library (William HO, Section Head, User Experience & Outreach and Wayne LAM, Systems Librarian, PolyU)

  • In December 2014, PolyU Library launched a new homepage with responsive web feature optimized for viewing in desktops, tablets and mobile phones. The real-time status of key facilities is also made available on the main page to facilitate quick browsing and reservation. To ease navigation through the search results, PolyU Library has also implemented a “bento-box” style display for OneSearch which groups dynamic search results by major resource types. In addition, a new workflow of handling SFX broken links has been set up to improve the efficiency in reporting and follow-up. In this presentation, we will highlight the implementation and challenges.
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Campus Collaboration for Data Management (Fred CHAN, Research and Data Services Librarian, HKU)

  • Research Data Management (RDM) has become an increasingly important issue in recent years, and it has brought about both opportunities and challenges to academic libraries. This presentation will discuss the University of Hong Kong Libraries’ plans and experiences of engaging in RDM via a collaborative approach. It will discuss how collaboration takes place both within and outside of the libraries, and who are the stakeholders involved. Issues concerning research data infrastructure such as data management planning tool, metadata specification, subject classification, data repository, and institutional repository will also be discussed.
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The Future Trends of ILS (Systems Committee by K.T. LAM, Associate University Librarian and Head of Systems & Digital Services, HKUST )

  • This presentation discusses the emerging technologies that will eventually have significant impact on the Integrated Library System (ILS). These include the proliferation of linked data technology and its introduction to the library world via the implementation BIBFRAME, which drives the goal of replacing MARC. More and more software has abandoned the purchase and install model. With the increasing adoption of cloud computing, virtualization and data centers, software is living in the cloud and vendors are providing Software as a Service (SaaS). ILS vendors are evolving to provide library management functions as a service platform running on the vendor-operated cloud.
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11:50 – 13:00 Presentation Session (2) : Learning Strategies
Moderator : Mr. Paul LEE, Associate Librarian, Hong Kong Baptist University.

JULAC Library Card Project – Synergy for Success (Access Services Committee by Venia MAK, Head of Access Services, HKUST)

  • A Task Force for JULAC Card Project was formed in April 2013 – with the aim of replacing the paper-based JULAC library card and streamlining the registration process to maximize users’ convenience. The presentation will summarize card registration system architecture, report implementation plan and reveal result and achievements. One of the highlights of this project is the collaboration across access services and systems colleagues. The presentation will also share attributes of success for collaboration as well as the challenges throughout the project. Finally, caveats will be raised for the coming collaborative projects.
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JULAC Information Literacy Project – Funded under the UGC’s Funding Scheme for Teaching and Learning Related Proposals (Learning Strategies Committee by Shirley WONG, University Librarian, PolyU)

  • The development of information literacy for students is an important element in the enhancement of teaching and learning in Hong Kong higher education. The JULAC information literacy project aims to enhance information literacy among students of UGC-funded institutions. This presentation will summarise the details of the upcoming project and share the collaborative effort of JULAC Libraries that made the project and funding for it possible.
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Research Smart: A Digital Literacy E-Learning Courseware (Dominic CHAN, Learning Support Coordinator, CUHK)

  • The information environment is changing rapidly and profoundly in the 21st century, shifting from a paper-based to a digital world. Digital literacy skills, including the ability to find, evaluate, utilize, share, and create content using digital technologies, are increasingly important in higher education and students’ academic development. To facilitate students in the acquisition of digital literacy skills, the Library has developed the interactive web-based courseware, Research Smart. It covers understanding the research process, knowing how to use digital tools to find information, evaluating electronic information, as well as collaborating and sharing digital content ethically. The courseware also contains quizzes which assess students’ digital literacy competencies. Students will be awarded a Digital Literacy Certificate after completing the quizzes with a passing score.
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JULAC Staff Portal: A Gateway to Lifelong Learning (Linda LEE, JULAC Manager and Kenelm NG, IT Officer, HKU)

  • JULAC Office has developed a Staff Portal to serve as a major starting site for all JULAC libraries staff to access information for self-directed, ongoing, voluntary, self-motivated learning in pursuit of knowledge in enhancing their staff development needs. The Portal consists of search items from websites, conferences, forums, reports, journal articles and many more. In this presentation, the authors will describe the purpose, development and implementation of the JULAC Staff Portal. In addition, they will present the findings representing 28.4% of total JULAC libraries staff who responded to the staff development survey conducted in April 2014. From the areas of training currently received staff, the respondents indicated “Personal Reading and Research” as the second highest rating among JULAC libraries staff, thus leading to the creation of the staff portal.

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13:00 – 14:30 Lunch Library Tour
14:30 – 15:40 Presentation Session (3) : Collections and Learning Spaces
Moderator : Prof. Christian WAGNER, Acting University Librarian,City University of Hong Kong.

Collaborating on Emergency Preparedness (Conservation & Preservation Committee by Jody BEENK, Head, Preservation and Conservation, HKU)

  • Library collections are constantly at risk of damage or loss from a variety of causes. While small-scale disasters resulting from events such as floods, leaks, plumbing or building failures are common, the threat of large-scale disasters is also an ever present danger. In this forum, committee members will discuss how we have been collaborating on drafting emergency preparedness and response plans. This is part of an ongoing process in which we will continue to explore ways in which we can assist each other by providing expertise and resources to minimize damage or loss to collections.
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Can everyone benefit? A report of JULAC’s joint DDA project (Consortiall by Katie LAI, Head, Acquisitions, HKBU and Gayle CHAN, Head, Collection Development, HKU)

  • Aiming to facilitate resource sharing in an ebook environment at a consortium level, JULAC’s Consortiall conducted a joint demand-drive acquisitions (DDA) ebook pilot project with the 8 UGC-funded libraries in February 2014. While the teaching and research foci of each institution vary, the general goal was to create a common ebook collection that is useful to all patrons as a way to overcome the shortcoming of the conventional ebook models through which interlibrary loaning is restricted. This presentation will first illustrate the preparation work performed to identify subject disciplines and publishers to be included in the DDA pool, the cost-sharing mechanism, the operational aspects of cataloging and updating the DDA titles, and the challenges encountered before the project kicked off. Then, it will go on to highlight the results of the project with both qualitative and quantitative analyses, to examine if access to contents and savings are multiplied in a joint DDA environment, and to conclude with recommendations and thoughts for future projects.
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Library Use and Return on Investment: A Case Study of HKIEd Library (Francis CHAN, Deputy Librarian, HKIEd)

  • For every dollar spent on the HKIEd Library, how much money do we get in return? We attempt to find out the answer by asking a simple question: how much money will the HKIEd staff and students pay if the HKIEd Library no longer exists.
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Creative Exhibitions: Collaborating to Use Library Spaces and Collections for Engaged Teaching and Learning (Alice HO, Administrative Services Manager, HKUST)

  • Over the years, HKUST Library has been using its Gallery to stage exhibitions for promoting general education. Following the completion of the new Special Collections Gallery, which functions as another exhibition venue, we have actively collaborated with other academic departments and campus offices to integrate exhibitions into the University teaching programs. Extended activities like gallery tours, talks, and demonstrations are organized. To actively engage students, some exhibitions are curated by student tour guides and student works are displayed in the Library under a special program known as “Art Dimensions”. We have also developed an online interactive system to collect feedback regarding exhibitions. This presentation will discuss our efforts in creating exhibitions in partnership with other departments to support teaching and learning at HKUST.
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15:40 – 16:00 Afternoon Tea
16:00 – 17:10 Presentation Session (4) : Research Support and Digital Services
Moderator : Ms. Louise JONES, University Librarian,The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Pursuing Digital Humanities and Winning Faculty Partnerships (Rebekah WONG, Head, Digital & Multimedia Services, HKBU)

  • The field of Digital Humanities (DH) has become an emerging area of research among Western institutions, and it is gaining momentum here in Hong Kong. The presenter will briefly discuss what DH is and share the possible roles of academic libraries based on her experience. She will also introduce highlighted DH projects that the HKBU Library is leading and how these projects had enhanced the visibility of the Library and deepened faculty partnership.
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Digital Media Services (Committee on Media by Leo MA, Head, New Asia College Ch’ien Mu Library & United College Wu Chung Multimedia Library, CUHK)

  • This presentation highlights some major challenges confronting digital media services among JULAC Libraries. In terms of media shifting, media collection has inevitably been converting from the old formats to digital one by either purchasing directly from vendors or digitizing the course-used and valuable titles. Some JULAC libraries are repurposing their media services to provide support for patrons to create, instead of merely consuming, media content in the library. COM has been actively engaged in collaborations with external media agencies such as RTHK, TVB, etc. in licensing the content of their programmes. And more collaboration with academics in digitizing their media collections is seemingly an upcoming trend among JULAC libraries.
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Outstanding Academic Papers by Students (Flora NG, Executive Officer, Statistics Management/Institutional Repository (Students), CityU)

  • The Run Run Shaw Library of the City University of Hong Kong has collaborated with academic departments and library partners worldwide to develop the Outstanding Academic Papers by Students (OAPS) Project, a student-centric institutional repository initiative. The initiative began in 2005 and has resulted in 436 good papers archived in the CityU Institutional Repository. The partnership involves universities such as the University of Southern California, Nanyang Technological University and Tsinghua University, which share experiences and generate new ideas at annual meetings. This presentation discusses the outcomes and development of the OAPS project, and its alignment with CityU’s Discovery-enriched Curriculum, which seeks to give each student the chance to make an original discovery. The presentation will close with a description of future directions for the OAPS project.
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Institutional Level Assessment of Student Information Literacy Competencies Using the RRSA (Phoebe LEUNG, Assistant Librarian, Lingnan and Chris CHAN, Head, Information Services, HKBU)

  • Since 2011, both Lingnan University Library and Hong Kong Baptist University Library have adopted the Research Readiness Self-Assessment (RRSA) to benchmark the information literacy (IL) competency levels of first-year students. Using the latest results for the 2014-15 cohort, we will compare our students’ self-belief in their research ability and their actual research skills. We will also highlight their specific IL strengths and weaknesses by analyzing their answers to individual questions of the assessment. In addition, HKBU Library will share the IL competencies results from a representative sample of senior students. Hopefully, this presentation will share our experience in the assessment of IL and identify key aspects for enhancing students’ IL skills.
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17:10 – 17:20 Concluding Remarks
Dr. Sidney CHENG, Librarian,The Hong Kong Institute of Education