Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

Through its collaborative efforts, JULAC creates an environment where scholarly resources are collected, managed and shared through the delivery of innovative services that enhance the academic endeavors of the UGC funded institutions.

Vision Statement

JULAC is the premier body for deep collaborations related to scholarly information resources and services in Hong Kong academia.

JULAC Top Strategic Directions 2017-2020

Goal 1: Ensure Access to a Rich and Diverse Collection Collaboratively
We will work together to provide relevant resources to support learning and research by
  1. Reducing print duplication with guaranteed access to retained copies;
  2. Fully establishing the Joint Universities Research Archive (JURA) and in the interim sharing a temporary storage facility;
  3. Joint consortia purchasing by leading consortial negotiations and licensing program;
  4. Collecting and supporting research data efforts;
  5. Exploring a common platform for research outputs;
  6. Strengthening digitization initiatives; and
  7. Leading on preservation and conservation activities.
Goal 2: Deliver Innovative Services and Operations Together
We will create and deliver a robust infrastructure and services for the JULAC libraries by
  1. Implementing a shared ILS system;
  2. Exploring collaborative opportunities through the shared ILS;
  3. Embedding JULAC Information Literacy MOOC and other project outcomes into curricula;
  4. Promoting Open Access;
  5. Establishing a JULAC research support group;
  6. Reviewing common operations to maximize efficiency; and
  7. Reviewing and enhancing JULAC statistics.
Goal 3: Shared Staff Development
We will build capacity in university library leadership by establishing a JULAC Deputies Leadership Group.
We will continue to offer joint staff development opportunities for JULAC libraries staff.