Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

Through its collaborative efforts, JULAC creates an environment where scholarly resources are collected, managed and shared through the delivery of innovative services that enhance academic endeavors of UGC-funded institutions.

Vision Statement

JULAC is the premier body for deep collaborations related to scholarly information resources and services in Hong Kong academia.

JULAC Top Strategic Directions 2021-2026

Goal 1: Ensure Access to Resources and Facilities Collaboratively
We will work together to provide relevant resources and facilities to support learning and research by
  1. Establishing a joint business continuity plan to provide users with continuous access to library facilities, resources and services during times of crises
  2. Joint consortia purchasing by leading consortial negotiations and licensing programs
Goal 2: Deliver Innovative Services and Operations Together
We will create and deliver a robust infrastructure and services for JULAC library users by
  1. Developing and promulgating JULAC Position Statements on Open Access and Open Data
  2. Maximizing utilization of JULAC’s Shared Integrated Library System for enhancing operational and services efficiency
  3. Enhancing the collection, presentation and use of JULAC statistics to foster data-driven decision making, creation of JULAC Key Performance Indicators, as well as library benchmarking among local and international peers
Goal 3: Shared Staff Development
We will build capacity in library leadership by
  1. Compiling a staffing profile to understand staffing structure and identify gaps in skills
  2. Offering joint staff development programs to foster learning and professional development in the workplace
  3. Partnering with HKU Libraries to conduct the annual Leadership Institute