Principles of Cooperation

Library collaboration must be based upon a set of commonly held values, understandings, and principles before effective cooperation can be realized. Library collaboration signals the importance of the programs pursued by its participants. Library collaboration facilitates greater results than might be realized by any single library.  JULAC’s member libraries are committed to the development of a comprehensive, interconnected set of information resources and services benefiting student, staff, and faculty clienteles at each institution. That commitment is embodied in the following statements of principle and serves as the basis for JULAC’s goals, programs, and priorities.  JULAC’s collaborative programs take place within the larger context of a commitment to “deep collaboration” between the eight institutions of tertiary education in Hong Kong.  JULAC is evolving into a collaborative library consortium.

  1. Share smartly
  2. Do things together AND Do things once
  3. Do things to shared standards
  4. Improve user experience and discovery
  5. Contribute to the global community