JULAC Library Card

What is a JULAC Library Card?
JULAC Library Cards allow cardholders to have access to other UGC-funded libraries. There are two kinds of cards that provide borrowing or reading privileges as follows.

Two Categories of JULAC Library Cards?

1.    JULAC Borrower Cards  
Who can apply? *
    • All full-time academic and equivalent administrative staff as well as research staff
    • Postgraduate students enrolled on UGC funded degree / non-degree programmes or on non-UGC funded degree programmes

In case of doubt, please check with your home library for details of user eligibility.

 Loan Quota / Period
    • The loan quota and period offered to JULAC Library Card holders vary according to the borrowing policies of individual host libraries
 Processing / Replacement Fee
    • Free of charge to eligible users for new application
    • HK$50 will be charged for a card replacement in case of loss or damage
    • JULAC Borrower Cards issued to students will generally expire on the expected date of completion of their course of study
    • JULAC Borrower Cards issued to staff will expire upon termination of service with their parent institutions
2.    JULAC Reader Cards  
Who can apply?
    • UGC-funded undergraduate degree students of all years
Processing / Replacement Fee
    • An annual fee of HK$50 will be charged by each host library for each registration and renewal
    • HK$50 will be charged for a card replacement in case of loss or damage
    • The JULAC Reader Card is valid from 1st August to 31st July of the following year

Application Procedures

  1.          Eligible users may apply at your home library.
  2.  Register with each host library when you make your first visit to that library.

Responsibilities of Cardholders

  1. Follow all the rules and regulations of the libraries you visit.
  2. Show your Card and your own institution’s ID card on request.
  3. Hold only one valid JULAC Library Card at any time.
  4. Do not let anyone else use the Card.
  5. If you lose or damage the Card, report it to your home library as soon as possible.
  6. Return the Card to your home library on graduation, or at the end of your employment, or upon the expiry of the Card.

Please Note

  1. Black-out Periods – Some UGC-funded libraries may implement “blackout periods” and refuse entry to JULAC Library Card holders during busy times. Please check the webpages of the libraries you plan to visit for details on the blackout periods.
  2. Privilege, not a Right – Use of this Card to access UGC institutions’ libraries is a privilege, not a right. JULAC may terminate any JULAC Library Card when deemed necessary.