JULAC Position Statement on Open Scholarship

Our commitments:

JULAC Libraries are committed to Open Scholarship, which includes enabling open access (OA) to research publications, research datasets, metadata, along with research workflows and other types of outputs. We believe Open Scholarship principles can strengthen research integrity, increase visibility, and enhance the impact of academia in Hong Kong.

Based on this commitment, JULAC Libraries fully support and actively participate in the Research Grants Council’s OA Plan that will be beneficial to Hong Kong universities in keeping pace with the latest developments in the international academia and research arena.

Our principles:

We support and advocate for all forms of Open Scholarship that maximize availability and accessibility while maintaining ethical and technical standards for funders, publishers, our institutions, as well as researchers around the world.

Our strategies:

We actively engage institutional stakeholders including university management, research administrators, funders, researchers, and authors to solicit continued support for Open Scholarship and our commitments to this initiative through top-down mandates and bottom-up collaboration. We call for formulating institutional policies that require authors to retain their rights and archive their research outputs in respective platforms of their universities. Our long-standing involvement in research life cycle built up our experience over decades that make us ideally positioned to support open access.

We develop self-archiving infrastructure through our respective institutional repositories to strive for greater discoverability and perpetual access to open research that upholds the copyright of owners and authors. To meet these long-term goals, we need continuous resources to expand and enhance our services and the infrastructure in terms of coverage, accuracy, and relevance to the latest priorities of our universities.

We pursue, advocate, and negotiate cost effective and sustainable agreements with publishers to both provide access to scholarly research outputs and support OA publishing by our authors. While we will strive to achieve cost neutrality for the universities in the long run, continuous funding from universities and funders to support the transition will increase our impact and bring positive results more quickly to benefit the universities and the research community.