Regional Cooperation

Guangdong Academic Libraries

JULAC and the Guangdong academic libraries hold an annual forum to share experiences and discuss ways to cooperate. Guangdong academic libraries are able to access discarded duplicates from JULAC collections for their libraries. Preservation experts from JULAC and Guangdong libraries undertake exchange visits to instruct preservation staff in new techniques for Chinese and English language books. Discussions from the 2007 Forum initiated a joint conference between the Hong Kong Library Association and the Library Societies of Guangdong and Fujian Provinces, held in October 2007.

4th Hong Kong and Guandgong University Lbrary Directors Meeting (2012)

Consortial Purchasing

JULAC libraries have participated in the consortial purchase of ebooks with libraries in Taiwan. The Cicada project comprising of 48 libraries in Taiwan and Hong Kong purchased English language ebooks with perpetual access in 2006.