JULAC Committees

JULAC Committees Preamble

1. Establishment of JULAC Committees. JULAC Directors may establish Committees when and if circumstances warrant. The establishment of a committee will come about through the agreement of at least six Directors.

2. Committee Function. JULAC Committees will undertake tasks as directed by the JULAC Directors, as well as undertaking work of their own initiative, subject to the prior approval of the Directors.

3. Meeting Procedures. The meeting rules and procedures for the JULAC Committees are the same as for the JULAC Directors meeting, with agenda, papers and minutes expected to be prepared for every meeting and with similar timelines, and the conduct of the meeting occurring according to the procedures for the JULAC Directors meetings.

4. JULAC Committee Chairs. Committee Chairs will be nominated by the JULAC Directors, and will ordinarily consist of the Directors themselves. On the agreement of the Directors, other senior nominees from a member library may become Chairs of JULAC Committees.

5. Deputy Chair or Co-Chair. In some cases, Directors may deem it appropriate to formally nominate a Deputy or Co-Chair to a Committee. This will come about through the resolution of Directors. The nominated person may be a Director or other senior staff member of a JULAC member library.

6. JULAC Committee Membership. The remaining members of a Committee will be nominated in advance by Directors according to their expertise, with representatives of each library ordinarily (but not necessarily) participating in each Committee. The composition of each Committee will be determined by Directors when the Committee is formed, and its Chair and membership will be reviewed annually.

7. Reporting Line. Committees will report to the JULAC Directors via their Chairs or – if the Chair is not a Director – via the JULAC Manager. Regular reports, recommendations and minutes of Committee meetings will be tabled at the next possible Directors meeting, with any required discussion being led by the relevant Director.