Bibliographic Services

The Bibliographic Services Committee was established in recognition of the need for a broader and more structural approach to collaborations among JULAC libraries on bibliographic services, including all aspects of cataloguing, metadata services, authority control, as well as the development and management of the Hong Kong Chinese Authority (Name) Project (HKCAN). With representatives from all JULAC libraries, BSC provides a forum for discussions and communications to identify best work practices and collaborative opportunities to support the goal of providing effective bibliographic services.

The Bibliographic Services Committee shall:

  1. Work collaboratively to follow the international standards and to facilitate efficient cataloguing workflows in JULAC libraries;
  2. Work together to meet training needs, whenever possible, to better achieve staff development objectives;
  3. Explore opportunities for collaborations in all areas of metadata services among JULAC libraries; and
  4. Oversee the development and management of the HKCAN Project and collaborate with Cooperative Committee for Chinese Name Authority (CCCNA) and other international partners to identify and resolve issues related to Chinese name authority control.

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BSC General Guidelines on Shared Cataloguing

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